Third Party Payment Systems For Online Pay

Third Party Payment Systems For Online Pay

Online gambling can sometimes be a risky activity if you are not very careful about the kind of online casino you are dealing with. Just like all businesses, there are scammers, thieves and other criminal elements lurking around the online game world, waiting to pounce on unintended and gullible players and rob them of their hard-earned money.

So how can you protect yourself against these unwanted personalities? One is to choose a safe, secure and reliable online casino. Another way is to use a third-party online payment system. These systems will transfer funds from your credit or bank account to your online account. You can then use your online account to pay for your online gambling activities. Most of the third-party online payment systems are very secure, and they will protect your money against all forms of theft and hacking from the Internet.

The most popular online payment system is NETeller, a service that started operations in 1999 and is now one of the largest online fund transfer services on the Internet with over $ 7 billion in transactions processed in 2005 alone. NETeller is the online payment service of choice in many large online casinos . NETeller protects your funds by using SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer), access codes, network security protection and firewalls. You can easily transfer funds to and from your credit and bank accounts.

Firepay is another popular online payment system that offers free signup and no withdrawal fees. However, they charge a small fee to transfer funds to your Firepay account from your bank account. Firepay is very easy to use and your funds are transferred immediately.

Another well-known service is the Ecash, one of the oldest online payment services. Ecash can transfer your funds not only from your credit card and bank account but also from money orders, certified checks, cashier’s checks and other online services of payments such as NETeller, Firepay and Citadel.

Other reputable online payment systems are Citadel and Click Pay 2. These services can also transfer credit and bank account funds and offer the best data protection and security.

Signing up and using any of these online payment services will not only protect your money, they can also make deposits and withdrawals to and from your online casino account more secure, easier and faster than using a credit card. Be sure to have an account on at least one of these services before you sign up at an online casino, or else it’s just like exposing your money to thieves and scammers.